What Is The Movie 13 Movie Essay

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The movie was strikingly alarming. It evolves around the incarceration situation in the United States, which mostly involved with the African American community. From 1970s to 1990s, the number of prisoners increased exponentially from few hundred thousand to more than 1.2 millions in 1990. These numbers were evidence to a corrupted government, particularly the law enforcement department. Ronald Reagan, a man full of hatred towards the black community, declared the term “war” was appropriate for the fight against crime. However, people knew that crime was a code word for race or black movements. Then there came the war on drugs. Drugs became a crime issue, rather than health issue. And as a crime issue, the main target was the African American community. I found this particularly disturbing and felt uneasy about the corruption in the government. “13” was released in 2016, and it featured two presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. If at the moment, they are like fire and water, it seemed that back in the era they found their common connection: supporting the fight against “super predators”. Super predator is a term to…show more content…
The documentary opened with a playful cartoon show, but then quickly shifted to a gloomy tune. It was then I realized the cartoon was not as playful as it was, rather, it was a corruption idea that was fed into young minds. Every character in the cartoon was a servant, and they were deemed lazy, helpful, or ugly. Even the cartoon figures were horrendous and terrifying to look at. Some specific traits such as their eyes almost popped out of the sockets, these terrifying big lips looked like they were stung by the bees, and their faces were weirdly shaped. If a toy figure was this frightening even for me, what would the children in that era think about them? Black people have never looked like that, so why was it an entertainment for people to think they look like
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