What Is The Missing Piece Essay

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The Missing Piece
Growing up, I always knew there was something different about me compared to others my age. My mind was missing an important piece to the puzzle it held within my brain. The feelings of being an outcast were not just there because I was teased and called awkward. I realized the way I thought and comprehended was different early on. There was no way I could open up to adults or even children my age because I did not know how to express myself and part of me felt ashamed. Although I grew up with so much chaos in my head, I gained a deeper understanding of myself by being diagnosed with autism later in life because I now understand the characteristics of my condition and how to manage them.
During my elementary years I believed I might have had special powers. I was immersing myself in a fantasy that I was a fairy, a wizard, a witch, or maybe an alien. Of course I was okay with these thoughts, comforted if you will. Comforted by the idea that I had an explanation for being this shy, uncomfortable, and peculiar kid. In the second grade I tested into the gifted program and held in the classes up until the 8th grade. I was always considered to be bright, but not known to be a social butterfly like the other children. I could never really wrap my mind around people,
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After weeding out the doctors I knew didn’t click with me, I finally found the perfect therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist combination. My whole world brighten up because I finally got a break and I got treated for my symptoms that I had been bothered by. When Dr. Mayer had the epiphany I was most likely autistic, she had me see a psychologist where he had my personality tested. It turned out that I indeed have High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome and it was the piece of the puzzle that finally fit. I can now better understand myself and why I’ve always felt incredibly different, confused, and

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