What Is The Minimum Welfare By Barbara Ehrenreich Essay

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582 words

Barbara Ehrenreich wrote this book to explore the current welfare reform, which assured a job, can lead to a better life. She was set on discovering how specifically women, could live and advance on a minimum wage or below salary. She went from Florida, to Maine, to Minnesota working as a maid, nursing home aid, and sales clerk at Wal-Mart Ehrenreich quickly realized her one waitressing job wasn’t enough to support herself, so she acquired a second waitressing job just to discover she couldn’t do both. She was living in hotels, trailer parks, and surviving on fast food. She described how she had an advantage over most minimum wage women; she was healthy, had a car, and didn’t have children to support. She saw other women living in their cars, thinking they weren’t eating lunch cause they were on a diet, but rather didn’t have the money for food. Ehrenreich discovered how hard it was to live and support just one person’s basic expenses on minimum wage; that none of the work was unskilled, it all required some form of emotional or physical energy. She exposed the harsh tr...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes barbara ehrenreich's book to explore the current welfare reform, which assured a job, can lead to better life.
  • Analyzes how ehrenreich struggled through her low-wage jobs just to keep her head above water. she discovered the stereotypes associated with the lower class are just not true.
  • Analyzes how ehrenreich demonstrated the failure of our society and welfare program. she found it nearly impossible to provide for herself, let alone a family.
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