What Is The Land Where Dreams Come True Essay

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America is the land were everyone desires to go and prosper in life. It is the land of opportunities. Many people travel far distances to seek a better life in this country. Overcoming obstacles criticism, racism, and breaking the rules. America is great, I strongly believe this is the land where dreams come true. I have resided in Texas from the young age of twelve. My father and I are from a state in Mexico deep in the south, Guanajuato. As everyone knows, life is not as easy there, and he always wanted what was best for my family and me. When he started planning his trip to move to the United States, I had all sorts of mixed emotions. At that time there was no Internet or social media and it was not easy to communicate with him. He was going to another country, and that was when I made my decision: I wanted to tag along. If he was going to where there was more opportunities I wanted to be a part of them.…show more content…
We had landed in a country where we did not know anyone, where we did not speak the language. We had to start from the bottom. When we found a place to live, the first thing I wanted to do was to get enrolled in school because to my father education was always important. I was nervous because I had no friends, and I felt as if everyone stared down at me. My father started working as a retail salesman. Life was hard. There was so much to do everywhere, it was so busy nothing compared to the city I was
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