What Is The Invention Of The Cell Phone?

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Today in the modern age of technology, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone without a cell phone. Everyone from grandmas to young children in middle school have a cell phone. American’s rely on their cell phones for their way of communication, whether it be via talk or text. Instances where people are in the same room but still text each other rather than talk aren’t so rare. As a college freshman I expected to receive a paper syllabus as the first official sign of college life, but instead was told to go view it on the internet from our cell phones. The web is such a common and essential tool, many people don’t even think anymore, they simply look it up. Your phone isn’t actually defined by its brand or worth, but actually by how you personalize…show more content…
The invention was way ahead of its time because mobile house phones weren’t even out yet. When the cell phone first came out it wasn’t as popular as they are now. As of January 2014, 90% of Americans own a cell phone, and 64% of adults own smartphone (Mobile Tech Fact Sheet). We American’s depend on our smartphones to communicate to one another, even if that other person is in the same building. The invention of the cell phone has become very handy because now it gives us the ability to get into communication with someone, regardless of where they are in relation to us, any time of the day. It gives us the ability to recognize the effort of someone trying to reach us and having the choice to answer then, or at our earliest convenience. After we grew tired of phones calls, we eventually learned another way to contact one another, via text. The average American teen receives 100 text messages per day (Mobile Tech Fact Sheet). What would we do without our cell…show more content…
While that number may seem insanely high, it’s projected to grow to over 200 million as mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular (Statista). While you have to purposely go download games onto your phone, many apps have become so essential and universal that they become pre downloaded onto our smartphones. After breaking my iPhone, I was forced to order another phone online. When I first turned the phone on, I immediately noticed that YouTube and Amazon were already downloaded on my phone. Many people download social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram to keep up with friends and distract them from homework. Apps are like a shortcut on your phone to virtually anything. You can download a shopping app or even a Google Maps app. One of the deciding factors for many people who buy smartphones is the maps app. If it weren’t for my maps app I’d never be able to find any place I plan on going

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