What Is The Integration Of Internal And External Organizational Communication?

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The second reason is the ‘trends within organisations’: As an organisation becomes more successful, it tends to grow and the growing introduces the number of departments to grow; this means that there need to be better co-ordination (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:43) . “The attempt to integrate marketing communication efforts has led to the integration of all internal and external organisational communication efforts” (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:43). An essential subject in corporate and marketing communication is integration of communication; as these have grown ‘to embrace all commercial, external and internal messages’ (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:44) that are produced by the organisation. There are several trends within an organisation that have…show more content…
Primarily strategic communication capability is needed; however, it should include an extent of “expertise in management, business and organisational communication” (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:46). The processes and communication are done by organisation’s leading ‘decision makers and senior management’ (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:46); tactical decisions are taken in this location for the organisation. Management need to have a clear understanding of not only the mission of the organisation, but also, of the “customers’ and other stakeholders’ needs, wants and requirements’ of the organisation, its processes and communication products and services” (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:46). Management must be able to create strategies that are in line with the organisation’s mission and the market’s needs, in order for the organisation to deliver what is needed in the five areas: “organisational structure, management, knowledge, attitude and outputs” (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:46). Looking at the scenario, the organisation does not really understand the needs or wants of their client as noted in the line ‘. . . company’s communication campaigns have been characterised by internal contradictions”. So they now need to develop a strategy that is in line with the mission of the…show more content…
External communication is generally manufactured and preserved by professional communicators; their fields may include public relations, advertising or any other field of planned communication (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:47). Looking at the scenario, “the company has separate marketing and public relations divisions” (University of South Africa 2015:25), is an example of their direct working contribution to the organisation. These experts can be hired directly by an organisation, indirectly as an external agreement service vendor or as a freelancer. For communication integration to advance from this location, professional communicators need to have insight into what the company’s communication wants to aspire and what is the strategy (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:47). As managers it is important to know and understand what consumers’ and external stakeholders’ broad expectations are, on the product and service that the organisation offers, as well as their particular expectations of the company (Angelopulo & Barker 2013:47). The communication capabilities needed at this position is ‘at the communication management and task levels and expertise required in the fields of public relations, corporate and marketing communication’ (Angelopulo & Barker

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