What Is The Importance Of Water?

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Introduction Living in an industrialized country people hardly think about the consumption of water. People go about their day without ever knowing or thinking about whether their body is receiving the proper amount of water to function properly. They do not realize that they are constantly losing water! Every breath uses water, sweating forces water out of the water as well as urine and excretion (Erickson, 2013). Two-thrids of the body is made of water therefore the water supply must be replenished frequently (Erickson, 2013). Water serves many functions that promote good health and bodily functions. Water lubricates joints, aids in digestion, kidney function, maintains body temperature and helps the body’s metabolism (Erickson, 2013). All of these functions are important for maintaining a healthy body.…show more content…
The best example of this is athletes who do not take in enough water or replenish it will suffer from increased fatigue, reduced endurance, poor body temperature regulation, lack of motivation and a perception of working harder (Popkin, D 'Anci, & Rosenberg, 2010). The body is still affected in other ways by poor water intake. Those who do not take in enough water can suffer from headaches and overall irritability (Popkin, D 'Anci, & Rosenberg, 2010). The mind can be even further affected by water intake. Those who have good hydration habits have better mental performance and drinking water can contest sleepiness and fatigue (Silcox, 2015). Good hydration can also prevent some chronic diseases. Evidence shows a link between increased hydration and a lower risk of urolithiasis (Popkin, D 'Anci, & Rosenberg,
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