What Is The Importance Of The Women's Rights Movement Essay

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Women wanted to be able to do more than just fill their gender roles and feel inferior to men. Old “feminism” made women think they were only useful for complementing their husbands and bearing children. The women’s right movement is just as important as any other movement. This movement sought to secure legal, economic and social equality for women but the most important aspect of it was women’s suffrage and women being able to get back into the workforce which they enjoyed when the men were away. Women felt they could achieve the same things that men were doing if given the same chance but since social norms always held them back they never had gotten that chance until most men went off to World War II and they had no choice but to step…show more content…
They further push their point by using the Constitution to say they need it to protect their civil rights and need it to be enforced to isolate and remove sexual discrimination so that they can have equal opportunities in all areas so they could succeed. Women were highly discriminated against since men didn’t want to see them as equals since they were always seen as less than them. Women got paid much less than they did and weren’t given the same education and job opportunities as them which slowed down their progress. Men didn’t view this as wrong since they were always the ones who worked for the home and expected women to stay in jobs suited for women like social work, helping the community or teaching not becoming doctors or lawyers. Women didn’t want special privileges, they wanted to fully take responsibility as a full citizen. Some women would convince their husbands to feel this way since in the eyes of the law, women didn’t have a real say so men had to speak up as well so their voice could be…show more content…
Teachers expected less so they paid less attention to them and focused more on men. Women wanted to redefine themselves and show that they could be more than just stay at home wives and mothers. They wanted to redefine relationships and show how a true partnership should be. They wanted to change that the man was the only one who carried the economic burden of the family and women had their own responsibilities that didn’t relate to the men’s. They wanted to equally share responsibilities with home care, children and economic burden. Women were determined to create a new image of themselves by protesting and speaking out for their equality, freedom and human dignity to gain an equal, self-respecting partnership with men. Women believed that men being told that they couldn’t excel in these areas where women could was also a discrimination to men. They felt there was unnecessary hostility between the sexes since they got completely different treatment and chances. Commissions like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission helped women because it allowed women to sue against workplaces that they felt were being discriminatory in any way whether by race, age, sex or color. Betty Friedan spoke out against what so many women were holding within. She allowed women to be able to feel like someone understood and also allowed other people who didn’t understand have insight to how they felt.
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