What Is The Importance Of Social Media?

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Social media has became a major aspect in our everyday lives, it has influenced the way live, communicate, and think. In 2008 only 24% of the United States population owned a social media account, now 8 years later and that percentage has more than tripled (Statista). In recent years, our generations dependence of online social media for our everyday communication has dramatically increased because of social media sites such as Facebook. Facebook is a site that is based around the ability to share information, thoughts, and feelings quickly and cohesively amongst friends and even the whole world. Although, Facebook has the intentions of being a better way for people to unify and communicate, its important to realize that Facebook has
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Facebook users to trust Facebook’s platform to carryout the users everyday communication needs, this has caused a lack of face-to-face communication amongst people, friends, family, and loved ones. A study done by (name) shows the increasing lack of face-to-face interaction between people had increased from 6% to 16% from 2001-2007 (name). It is proven that the lack of face-to-face communication can lead to unproductive or non-meaningful conversations, which can then lead to misunderstanding, and possibly unhealthy arguments. Mercola, a website that regularly publishes health related articles, describes how a “research has shown a significant increase in the neural synchronization between the brains of two partners during face-to-face, but not during other types of, conversation” (Mercola). Adding to the study, Facebook lacks the necessities for a personal conversation that can help create creative ideas during conversation, necessities such as, facial expressions, tone of voice, and a unconscious connection between people that derives from talking Face-to-Face (Mercola). This goes to show the way that Facebook has altered the way we communicate by minimizing our Person-To-Person interactions in our daily lives, thus affecting people’s interpersonal communication, and allowing room for misinterpretation and
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