What Is The Importance Of Road Safety

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10 Important Points on Road Safety and Suggestion for Improvements

Road safety education is vital for people of all ages. As a responsible citizen, you should be aware of each and every rules of the road. Observation is the key skill you need in ensuring road safety. Safety education begins right from your school. By obeying safety rules and regulations, you can save yourself and others on the road. Today, student road safety is given more priority than earlier. Students are the future of a country and hence as a citizen, it is your responsibilty to protect them. Here follows 10 important points on road safety and certain suggestions for improvement:
1. Awareness of Traffic signs There are different types of traffic signs you should
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One of the greatest advantage of direction indicators is that it is easier to recognize.
Traffic signs and symbols Every junctions will have traffic lights indicating different meaning that allow safe walking and travelling. You should be able to know some of the essential traffic signs for u-turn, one way, hospitals, schools, prohibited zones, no horn area etc. to avoid hazards.
Lanes of the road It is better for you to stay on the left side of road at all times. When you are changing lanes, signal others by means of hand signals and direction indicators. Also you can avoid regular lane changing.
2. Speeding limit

By setting permissible speed limit, you will be able to control traffic and thus ensure student road safety. Police officials are now making use of automated machines to keep track the speed of vehicles. And they can impose penalty on people who are violating speed limit. In addition to this, you can install speed witness radars in high traffic areas and highways which works on the Doppler effect principle which gives the exact speed of every moving
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Maintenance of your vehicle Before taking the vehicle to the road, it is necessary for you to check the condition of vehicles. You should check out the petrol/diesel limit, bald tyres, glass wipers etc. Carefully.

5. Implement the driver violation point system This system is designed to identify and take action against high risk drivers. Certain points are given to various traffic violations such as reckless driving, speeding, use of cell phones while driving, inadequate brakes, not using seat belts etc and is recorded in the driving record in times of violation. Based on these records, you can suspend or revoke licenses of drivers who violate traffic regulations.

6. Awareness through hoardings You can make use of hoardings to display traffic rules as it easily grabs attention of people. When people see it everyday, even the ones who don't have much education on road safety will come to know about it. Such messages proves effective and helps to avoid careless accidents.

7. Benefits for drivers Vehicle insurance is having more importance and should be made mandatory for driving on roads. This helps you to claim for accident recovery and offer you another vehicle in times of damage or fire. Public transport drivers will be given regular eye check up free of cost. When you provide benefits, they will try to drive

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