What Is The Importance Of Rain Forest Essay

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Most people do not know that there are a lot of medical discoveries in the rain forest. Tropical rain forest help to balance the ecosystem and our human existence. For centuries, rain forest have supported medicines due to its rich medical plant life. This also saves many people’s lives.

Most people wonder what Tropical rain forest are. Tropical rain forest are mostly to be found as warm, wet climates. They contain many species. Today rain forest cover very little as in six percent of Earth’s Surface. Rain forest hold the most productive and complex ecosystem on the whole Earth. All of the plants contribute to the Earth’s oxygen. All of the plants and trees can cure many deadly diseases.

There is more rain forest than people realize. There locations are near the equator. These areas receive some of the world’s heaviest rainfall every year. They occupy large regions in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and also on Pacific islands. The largest tropical rain forest is the Amazon rain forest. There is one rain forest called the Tropic of Cancer. Aslo there is another rain forest called the Tropic of Capricorn. Due to their location, rain forest receive a lot of sunlight and abundant amounts of rain to keep the plants alive. About four hundred to one hundred thousand cm of rain falls each year. That’s why they are called rain forest, because they receive a lot of rain fall each year.

Why do people need to protect our rain forest? Rain forest should be protected because they provide an enormous benefit to human kind. It is home to fifty-million Indigenous people. Also is a habitat for over a thousand species of plants and animals and birds. Scientist counted about two hundred eighty species in on two ...

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...icines. When scientist started studying the plants and trees of nature that
Has always been here it was more than just a scientific discovery, it was a medical wonder in the world of medicine. The native of the rainforest knew that the plants and trees made them fill better and made them well when they were sick, but they didn’t understand how to communicate with the medical world. They had god given medicine, so they didn’t have to worry about the doctor them medicine. That’s why it took scientist to discover medicine in the rainforest. It has always been there but it took them many years for the natives to communicate to the real world. The natives didn’t want them coming in there logging and taking away their rain forest. Once scientist figured out what they had been trying to communicate, they sent many people over too look and discover the forest.
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