What Is The Importance Of Music?

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The great writer, Walter Pater once said "all art aspires to the condition of music." The condition he was talking about is the substantial evolutionary survival value that music poses. I believe it is this quality that sets music above other art forms, and takes its place as number one. A popular theory in the scientific world suggests that music is the developmental precursor to language. The theorists also credit the success of human beings to our social organization, noting music as a crucial tool for bonding, and group building. At present the modern culture views music as more of a form of entertainment, rather than a building block for humanity. Looking from a historical perspective, we can see music isn 't just recordings from a popular…show more content…
Music is one of the only forms of art that has the ability to create a modern tribe like feeling among a group of otherwise individual. Because music has the ability to affect ones emotion, it can be used to bring people together, or vice versa. We have observed throughout history in ecstatic chants and dances for spiritual purposes; and now we see soldiers use cadence and work songs to make tedious tasks more bearable and to prepare for battle. A more general application would be the use of lullabies to soothe us to sleep, or love songs courtship. We use music to connect to one and other in ways we otherwise could not. Music has been used as a crucial interlinking device scenes preliterate society, and it 's still exceptionally valuable for that purpose…show more content…
Some languages, such as Chinese, literally use different pitch levels to convey grammatical meaning. Evan the non-tonal languages, like English, use rhythm and pitch to add social and emotional context to the bare facts conveyed by the words alone. These individual interpretations of language can be seen as craftsmanship of our vocabulary. An example of which is vividly shown in the different types of music that gets created. From Country to R&B, Blues, to Rock, and all of the other genes in between, each has they own lingo, or way of communicating. Each has the ability to evoke an array of emotions, but all in a different
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