What Is The Importance Of Hand Hygiene And Hand Care Essay

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“Hand Hygiene and Hand Care in RDH” This article overall purpose is to inform the importance of knowledge and practice of effective hand hygiene and hand care to prevent or reduce cross-contamination from healthcare personnel to patients (HCP). As the article’s author expressed at the introduction “ Healthcare-acquired infections are a major source of illness and death in hospitalized patients, and approximately 20%-40% of these infections are a result of cross-infection via the hands of healthcare personnel” (Eve Cuny 1) Healthcare-acquired infections are by history one of the main causes of death in hospital and healthcare settings, there are many known and investigated causes but the root of them relies on inadequate and ineffective hand…show more content…
Hand care with the use of emollients to moisturize and avoid skin irritation to maintain it, as effective barrier are very important as long as are compatible with medical products and are nonallergenic. In conclusion, my overall impression is that this article is very useful to understand that cross-contaminations can be control by the use of effective hand hygiene. It is not only washing hands between patients or sanitizing only because our hands looks clean, it is a matter of knowing when and why we are risking patients if inappropriate technique is used, in few words: knowledge, commitment and responsibility. I have learned and will practice that is very critical to know what hand washing technique and disinfection must be used before, during and after performance of every procedures, whether routine or surgical with specific routine and steps. I learned that CDC guidelines are implemented to control infection in medical and dental settings to prevent cross-contamination and are to be followed at any

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