What Is The Importance Of Friendship

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Friendship is the greatest thing that could ever happen to a person in this world. I have a couple of people I call my friends. It is very important to have some type of friendship. It could be with someone younger, older, or the same age. I know I have friends different ages. Oh Yeah! The importance of friendship that I value dearly. I have two main friends that I can tell everything to, and they want judge me for it. They tell me stuff to, so it goes in both directions. They are more than friends to me though. They are like family. We hug, fuss, cry, stress out, and laugh a lot which makes us who we are today. I was going through a rough patch once, and I felt like everyone was against me. I did not want anyone to talk to me or do anything. The feeling of being alone had overcame me, and I wanted to stay there. I would not even talk to my two main friends about it. It was like I had shut the outside world out. It was only me in the world. I wondered how I let myself get to the point of no return. The friends I said I could talk to about anything, well not that time apparently.…show more content…
They are an important part of my life for so many reasons. They bring joy something that many people do not have. If any of us are feeling down, we know what to do. It could be something random that I do or they do, and we will remember it. They bring uniqueness to our friendship also. We all have our personalities that make us who we are. I’m the goofy one who will say random things. Ahriyuanna is the normal one with the loud laugh. Janae is the crazy one. This is what makes our friendship amazing and fun. The thought of not knowing what the next day will be like is so exciting. The silly things that will be said, or even the serious talks that we have I look forward to. The stuff we all have been through together, and fact we have not left each other yet proves to be of great importance to
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