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Learning English is Vital in Today’s Globalization
A very good morning to my lecturer and all of my beloved classmates. My name is Wen Yi. Today I am here to convince you that taking up English classes are important for college students. According to a quote by Nelson Mandela, “without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs”.
Whether you are taking the English classes in a school or at a college you might ask why does English so important to you, particularly in the event that you think that English is not related with your degree or profession field. Out of all the class that a student will take in school, the
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One of the most important reasons to take English is that it is relevant to almost all of the subjects that we learn in college. Most of the subject that you learn in college uses English. The lecturer uses English to explain and teach students when they are having classes. Most of the textbook that college student are required to use are written in English. That is the reason why wherever talking or writing is involved, English is important. It can show us what a student knows and what they do not know about a particular subject. It might make a student look clumsy if a student uses the wrong words or grammar. There is nothing more humiliating then using an incorrect grammar while talking in front of all your classmates. Studying more words alongside the meaning will allow the student to feel happier using the words correctly in talking and when writing. A student can gain a lot from English class by taking it seriously because it focuses on reading, writing and grammar (Supra, 2010). This will let them to improve their communication skills. Taking up English classes is important for college student is because English will help you with all subjects in your…show more content…
If you need to compose a decent research paper, report or email which acquire regard, you should be a decent communicator. Effective communication is about passing on your messages to other individuals clearly and getting data that others are sending to you with as less confusion as possible. Communication can simply finish when both the sender and the receiver understand the same data, because of the communication. Although a large amount of student is trying to figure out how to write well while going to the English classes, but numerous students still keep on struggling to convey their ideas in either verbal or written format. Writing that involves expressive detail helps the reader to get a full understanding of the subject being examined. This can help the student to communicate or pass on the message while writing research papers that is required in class. Without the ability to communicate in a written and oral format, the students cannot effectively pass on their thought when they are writing a research paper. Being skilled in English shows that you are educated and you can convey well; information is the key and once you have it nobody can remove it from you. Taking up English classes is important for college student is because English will help you to build better communication
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