What Is The Importance Of Classroom Management In The Classroom

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Cover Page - P1:
Hello teachers
I am the Group Class training XXX.
We are going to talk about classroom management.
Classroom management is very impotent that makes our class runs in the fine way, make sure student will learn and keep focus on the lesson without any troubles.

Table of the contents - P2:
Those following topics are very impotent and helpful for our classroom management, Interaction, Classroom rules and rewarding system.

Tittle page 1 – P3:
First, we need to focus on the INTERACTION with students. You may think you know, but we are going to teacher the Group Class, it will be 4 students in your classroom at a time. So make good interaction with every student is a impotent element to a good classroom management.

Grouping – P4:
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Those are 4 points about the interaction with all 4 students in the room.

Tittle Page 2 – P7:
Next, what if some student made some trouble and influence our classroom order, so classroom rules can help a lot. It will works better with the rewarding system that we are going to talk about later.

Classroom Rules – P8:
Why we need to set up our classroom rules, that I told, to prevent some trouble from student to keep our classroom in order, and most of time they don’t make any trouble but they might not listen carefully or they speak Chinese language, those are bother too. That’s why we set up the rules and run with rewarding system together. Before teacher start the class, set the Classroom Rules and read it to all the students. What if someone breaks the rules, make a little punishment on rewarding system.

Basic Rules – P9:
Think about those words, how many rules should teacher set? Different rules in different levels; Some word in the rules might too hard to understand, how can we make them understandable.

Quantity – P10:
That’s right, no more than 3 rules. It will be disaster if teacher made too many rules.

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Teacher can set two pine trees, each group a tree to decorate. When one group collect 5 or 10 stars, they will get one decoration for their tree.

Good reward system – P17:
How are we judge a good rewarding system?

1st, Relevant to the lessons you are going to teach – rewarding system should match the lesson’s topic.
2nd, Measurable – rewarding system should be clear to see. Students could see the different between 2 groups very easy.
3rd, Fun and engaging – make it fun and interesting, it wouldn’t work if students don’t like it.
4th, Competitive (teams) – a rewarding system not only helps teacher to manage the class, but also encourage student to answer question actively.

Example – P18:
Here are two rewarding system made by GC teachers, picture on top shows the rewarding system at Level 0 – My Face, Level 2 rewarding system under. Check the Relevant to the lesson, check! Measureable, check! Fun and engaging, check! Competitive, check!

Bad example – p19:
Look at the rewarding system, let’s check from the check list.
Relevant to the lessons? not really, it is no lesson about fruit or apples. But for the very young students, it might be OK.
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