What Is The Importance Of Child Labour?

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Education is not always recognized for its value. It is not only a vital part for a good job. It also affects a person’s ability to think and act. It is a basic human right as it is the main source for awareness against exploitation, corruption and most of all ignorance. Primary education (ability to read and write) is a basic necessity as it ensures ones chance s to gain more knowledge than someone who cannot read.
A definition of child labour is the occurrence of a situation where children younger than 16 years are forced by their situation to work in an economic activity. At times engaged in the worst form of child labour- including slavery, force recruit ion, prostitution, trafficked, forced into illegal activities or exposed
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Here children were made to work for hours in labour making female clothing. Today due to the embargoes placed, the market for child labour has reduced, yet even today about 5million children, between ages of 5-14 are still economically active. About 12.4% of people are ultra-poor today. The low literacy rate can u a reason to believe there is less importance given to education thus a large number of children are working for a living.
Whereas on the other hand USA is at low risk of child labor, due to a high GDP per capita and high literacy rate. About 98% is the literacy rate of USA, which means that the importance of education is recognized. Also, the labor carried out is not considered child labour as it does not affect the child’s mental or physical development. Even so, the lowest age for labor is 16. Although, child labour was prevalent in the late 1800’s as well. Education then was not seen as a necessity, but rather a luxury- where only the elite could acquire knowledge.
In Canada work during school hours is forbidden for teenagers if it takes place during school hours. Child employment in specific places or environments is forbidden, such as places where liquor is easily accessible, of hazardous environments such as mines and factories. Canada maintains its image among the literate population and is
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thus grandmothers were to be trained instead in business skills to support the family and the children may go to school Physical torments should be made illegal, so that the student may not build up pressure and perform even worse in their academic year; at times these physical termination becomes a source of embracement, leading to lack of confidence. This could lead to a decrease in school dropouts.
A direct link to tackle with child labour is to encourage education instead. This can be done through social media, commercials and through public seminars.
Child labour could be discouraged in general by the avoidance on employing children, to save them enough time for school
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