What Is The Expectationsp Influence In Great Expectations

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Pip influenced many of the characters in Charles Dickens's Great Expectations when he rose up, and ultimately down, the social ladder. When Pip received his fortune, he rose from society’s bottom rung of the ladder to the top rung. Consequently, he changed both physically and mentally, from being an innocent boy to an arrogant man. Also, Pip came to the realization that how he treated the people who cared for him, was absolutely wrong. This had an influence on countless characters and how they felt about Pip, including main characters; Joe, Uncle Pumblechook, and Estella. Joe and Pip are friends and both had a substantial impact on each other lives until the fortune dramatically changed their relationship. Pip began to believe he was above Joe because he had a higher education than Joe. In other words, Pip did not want to be associated with Joe anymore because he was too intelligent to be seen with a commoner. Joe still loved and cared about Pip, even with the way Pip treated him. Towards the end of the story, Pip starts to realize how he mistreated Joe and that Joe was the only one who was truly there when he needed help. Ironically, Pip loses his money and Joe is the one who bailed him out of debt, making Pip realize that it is not about society’s rank, but about the kind of person, you are. At first, Pip and Joe were friends; they both were treated the same from Mrs. Joe. Neither one of them were intelligent, so Mrs. Joe treated them poorly, nevertheless, they were both continent with their lives. (Pg.38) When Pip started visiting Miss Havisham’s house and met Estella, he started to think differently. Realizing there is disparity between people of a higher class; Miss Havisham and Estella, than people of a lower class; Pip a... ... middle of paper ... ...inds out that Drummle had been mistreating Estella and had recently just died. (Pg.370) He returns home after Joe bailed him out of jail, and visits Miss Havisham to think about his thoughts. Where he finds Estella in the garden and they leave holding hands, never to part again. (Pg. 412) Joe, Pumblechook, and Estella are three major characters that were affected by Pip gaining the money; however, they were affected in different ways. Joe was driven apart from Pip, because Pip was embarrassed by Joe’s lack of knowledge. On the other hand, Pumblechook, started to treat Pip better and wanted to be apart of his life, because he wanted some of the money Pip had received. Estella never changed, she treated Pip like a commoner when he was poor and when he was rich. Never together, until the end of the story, when they had both lived life and were brought back together.

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