What Is The Effects Of Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee exemplifies the effects of prejudice on innocent people, while others develop sympathy on the people of Maycomb, a world punctuated by the death of the Mockingbirds. Arthur Radley and Tom Robinson go through many difficulties throughout the book as people are prejudiced against Arthur for his eccentricity, and Tom because of his race. When Atticus tells his kids, “You never really understand a person. . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” This is the one of the most important lesson Atticus tries to teach Scout and Jem because everyone is always deserving of that consideration. The Mockingbirds in this story are Arthur Radley and Tom Robinson who hold a very important meaning…show more content…
Arthur is a Mockingbird because even though he is an outcast, he is willing to befriend Atticus’ children and save them in the end from Bob Ewell who is insane but also drunk to have courage to kill children. The actions of the Mockingbirds teach the reader not to always believe rumors from others. Tom Robinson is willing to help a terribly lonely young woman with her chores and is convicted of a crime that everyone knew he was innocent of. This is important because it shows the difference between reality and an idealistic world that Scout and Jem thought they were living in. Both Mockingbirds ‘die’ as however Arthur is dead from society, and Tom Robinson dies trying to…show more content…
The characters in this book that show sympathy for others such as Arthur, Tom, and Atticus show the good side of humanity and proves that understanding others is important before judging them as good or bad. Mockingbirds are kind and precious people who help others but do not hurt them as Arthur does kind deeds for the children but never hurts them, and Tom does chores for Mayella without ever accepting money for his work. This novel greatly represents the lasting effects of prejudice, the importance of having sympathy for others so one can understand what is happening in another's life which is shown by the unnecessary deaths of innocent people who never hurt anyone but only help
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