What Is The Effectiveness Of Street Patrol And Road Patrol Or Street Patrol?

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Our society today relies on many public service agencies/departments to fulfill the void for a need that one person desires. One of the most used and scrutinized public services today are police departments. Police Officers are the blankets of security for society, and for most individuals, they are who society turns to when difficult dilemma that requires attention. During this paper, I will focus the effectiveness of street patrol & car patrol method used by police officers and breakdown one of the theories that have led to these methods. The "Broken Windows" Theory and Community Supervision states that: One of the most influential theories in recent criminal justice literature is that of "broken windows. This theory, originally introduced…show more content…
What method of policing is more effective, foot-patrol or street patrol? Both methods of policing have been the subject to great scrutiny and research by criminal justice professionals for many years now. “Police (foot or motorized) patrol has been evaluated for least 40 years with mixed results. Much of the most recent and methodologically complex evaluations have indicated that police patrol decreased criminal activity” (Andresen & Malleson, 2014, P.…show more content…
I proposed various questions to Mr. Bova regarding foot-patrol and street patrol method. Mr. Bova advised that both “forms of policing are effective for a variety of reasons, and law enforcement should use them both. A. lot depends on the geography of the area. Foot patrol is more effective in congested entertainment areas for the following reasons: A. Knowing the citizens and letting them know you, B. An intimate knowledge of the business helps in determining the clientele that will be visiting (ie. Drinking, dancing, etc.) C. Visibility of officers is a deterrent that cannot be measured. Vehicle patrols are good in areas with less congested and more area to cover if you had to quickly. The good resolution is to use both in the neighborhoods where vehicle patrols occur and get out of the car and walk the street and get to know the people that we are sown to protect. Then drive to the next street and engage in the public again” (Bova, 2016). Foot patrol method of policing can have a direct impact on community policing with officers. Which in my opinion, is an underrated part of policing today. For example, community policing enhances public safety and informs the public about important issues affecting the community. In May 2015, Newsweek published an article titled “Foot Patrol; A Catch-22 of

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