What Is The Dystopian Society In Fahrenheit 451

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Utopian society is an ideal society that many people would like to take a part of, no doubt. However, as readers see in the endless number books about failed utopias, or dystopias, reaching a utopia usually becomes quite the opposite. Both George Orwell 's 1984 and Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451 share this theme in different ways. 1984 focuses more on the structure of a general dystopian government and society, and on how the mass of people behave. Orwell explains how the people simply go about their daily business, and cannot interact with other people much, other than their spouse at home and whoever they happen to sit next to during lunch hour. People talking in a business manner to each other allows them to have casual conversations, however…show more content…
Although he does not rebel directly against Big Brother as one would imagine, he does rebel against its ideas. This occurs when he discovers that the girl that he initially thought was stalking him tells him that she loves him. After only being able to talk to her in a business-like manner in crowded areas to avoid detection, they meet out in the woods one day where they are free from The Party 's censorship and have sex. Since the government tells everybody that the act of sexual intercourse should strictly happen for reproduction and not enjoyment, he sees this as an act of rebellion. However, towards the end of the novel he becomes captured and tortured to the point where he truly believes that he loves Big Brother, and fails at changing anything. Going back to Fahrenheit 451, a similar rebellion occurs. Guy Montag (the main character) works as a firefighter who has one job: burn down anyone 's house that has possession of a book. As he 's going through his daily routine though, he begins to wonder what books contain that make them so evil. Out of curiosity, he steals a book from one of the houses they had to burn down, and brings it home. Reading the book makes him much more curious – an extremely dangerous trait to a utopia. Later in the novel though, his house becomes the next target, and gets burnt down. He flees the house, and eventually escapes the manhunt for him by floating down a river, until he meets some other rebels living out in the woods. Throughout both of these novels, rebellion appears a lot, but each book has different outcomes from
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