What Is The Difference Between Traditional Interview Vs Motivational Interview

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COUNSELING– MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEW Vs. TRADITIONAL INTERVIEW Shivagni kirtika kumar(S150351) Course Name : Course Code: PBH601 Programme: BDN. Course Convener: Paul Laginikoro Due Date: 8/05/2016 Nowadays days it has been seen that NCDS (non-communicable diseases) is increasing at a greater rate than in olden times. Young people in Fiji are suffering from NCDS due to unhealthy diet however, it is not the only factor that leads to NCDS. There are factors such as lack of exercise and physical inactivity, tobacco use and the harmful use of alcohol (World Health Organization, 2015). Whereas, in olden days people were more physically active for example they used to relay on farming and obtaining fresh, the use of tobacco and alcohol was limited. According to World Health Organization, 2015 Non communicable diseases kills 38 million people each year. Sixteen million NCD deaths occur before 70 years of age.…show more content…
There is evidence that patient-centered approaches that is motivational interviewing have better outcomes than traditional advice giving, especially when lifestyle changes is involved. Sometimes traditional interview questions are co-mingled with motivational interview questions. Traditional interviews require less preparation and less interpretive effort on the part of the interviewer while motivational interview require more preparation and more interpretive on the part of the interviewer. This traditional interview method have some shortfalls since they can be very closed-ended and limit further information while motivational interview in open ended type of counseling and the data collection has no limit .In traditional interview answers to the questions are often evaluated based on the interviewer’s personal bias (Engineering career

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