What Is The Difference Between The Mind And The Body

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The Mind and Body vs. The Mind or Body

The debate of whether or not the mind is part of the body has been ongoing for centuries. Philosophers have not yet been able to come to a consensus on this question. Is the mind the driving force of the body? Would that make the mind and the brain one unit? How do we experience the world around us with this dire question unanswered? The mind and the body are two separate parts that combine to make one structure. It is important to answer this debate, so that each day we can understand why we do the things we do and so that we can understand how we experience these things that we do, rather than just assume and continue doing things for no understood reason. Thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are all
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For those who believe that the mind and body are one must believe that both make one person. However, what if someone gets an organ transplant? People that believe that the mind and body are one must believe that a new being is made because it is a new body, when in fact it is still the same person as before except now with a healthier organ. Also, hypothetically speaking if a mind can be transplanted into another body, would the person be a different person just because of the change of body? Absolutely not, you would have the same ideas, thoughts, and emotions as before. The only difference would be your physical physique. Another counter argument is with the problem energy. Jerry Fodor wrote in The Mind-Body Problem, “To put it another way, how can the nonphysical give rise to the physical without violating the laws of the conservation of mass, of energy and of momentum? “ The explanation is as simple as the mind converting the energy to the energy needed for the body to respond to and move to it. Next, the idea of the mind and brain being separate is absurd to me. As an analogy, a book is a physical object, however the book is “about” something. So it is physical and intentional at the same time. This relates to the brain and the mind because the brain is complex, but when it is all added up the product is something. That something is the
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