What Is The Difference Between Personnel And Personnel Manager

In high competitive world of today it is quite important to companies to be able to manage their employees and staff, to control their performance and productivity. Due to Personnel and HR Manager this kind of affairs could be solved. But there are some similarities and at the same time differences between duties of Personnel and HR Manager. Most people believe that this two types of management is actually the “same wine, only different bottle” as they have the same duties and responsibilities. While others claims that HR Manager is definitely different if compare with Personnel Manager. This essay will compare and contrast these two types of managers and will consider responsibilities, development, relations To start with the overall responsibilities…show more content…
And in this area both personal and HR manager have actually the same duties. It could be any kind of seminars and training useful skills that will be used in typical workforce in order to increase capability and productivity of employees. As well as they are responsible where this training or studies are necessary, when and in which area it will have more beneficial effects. Another similarity could appear at providing employees with benefits and compensations in work place, as both Human resource and personnel managers ought to make sure that employees are satisfied the work they do, as best terms of workplace will attract best employees. It could not be enough to satisfy the employees with good salary, but also HRM and RM should know about other benefits in workforce, such as the day-off and settlement. So this tasks are in shoulder of both human resource manager and personnel manager. It is widely known that the relations between employers are one of the key elements in organizations, and HR manger have great impact to resolving some issues and problems that could appear during work. Moreover HR manger has his/her own strategic methods in order to ensure the cooperation and wellbeing between employees. While personal manager develop rules and policies relating to behavior of employer as well as developing team building and providing with skills like leadership in high competitive

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