What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Supply Chain Management

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Marketing Versus Supply Chain Management
In the business field, there are many career paths that you can choose after you have attained your education. To best select potential options for careers, I have narrowed them down to Marketing and Supply Chain Management to show the differences and similarities between both careers. Supply Chain Management deals with sourcing raw materials to manufacturing goods, delivering the products, and the point of sale ( While marketing is where the company targets their audience to specific products to increase their revenues. These professions have a high demand outlook within the business world.
Marketing is the tactical functions between product development and services that move
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They both promote collaborations between different stakeholders. Each step requires both careers to rely on each organization to produce their product. On top of that, the movement of the buyers is what the company depends on which is making the customers satisfied. Both professions rely on recent trends, which fluctuate depending on sale and the economy. Overall Marketing and Supply Chain go hand to hand because they deal with sales, production, promotions, seller, and the buyer.
Marketing differs from Supply Chain Management (SCM). First, there is marketing focus of customer focus such as promotions while SCM deals with reducing inventory investments. Second marketing deals with profitability and SCM helps build competitive advantage for the channel to create customer value. Marketing relays more on advertising to the public eye while SCM focuses more on the data, such as what is in demand for the product.
Business is a lifestyle and it affects our everyday lives. Making good and bad decisions helps us become an improved business individual. Wither you are deciding to go in the field of Marketing or Supply Chain Management, personally I recommend both because it is a rapid growing industry within our economy. Make sure you are prepared for your future and landing all the obligation that these professions
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