What Is The Difference Between Free Will And Determinism

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Many people argue the theories free will and determinism. Though each have problems, I will argue that free will is correct. Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action. We are giving reason and will as humans which basically shapes who we are as people. Will is the ability to choose to act or not to act while reason is the mental capacity that informs the will of the appropriate action. Libertarian and do not believe in Determinism but in free will. This can also bring us to indeterminism which states that all human actions are not so much determined by the preceding events, condition, causes or karma as by deliberate choice of free will. Indeterminist do not have to deny that causes exists but instead…show more content…
Determinist believe that free will is just an illusion and that all events including human action are determined outside of our will. Determinist believe we have no free will and cannot be held morally responsible for their actions. Everything is the inevitable result of what came before an our actions are caused by parts of our physical world. We can’t help but feel and react the way you do on a daily basis but that your feelings are already determined. This can conflict greatly with free will. For example I’ll tell the story of Oedipus. The story begins with a King and Queen planning for a baby but a prophet predicted that the baby will kill his father and marry his mother, the king and queen of Thebes. After long discussions they dedicated to kill the infant so that the prophet would not take place. However, a shepherd took in the baby and he grew up not knowing about his royal birth. Long story short he grows up to unknowingly kill his father and marry his mother just like the prophet foresaw. Oedipus had no control over his parents decision or the shepherd’s decision to take him in as a baby. Determinist will argue that no matter what anyone did in this story Oedipus was destined to marry his mother long before becoming a man. The law of causality goes well with this example because it states the nature of an action is caused and determined by the…show more content…
If determinism is true this would mean that we don’t have control over what happens and the value of our moral responsibilities would be a question. It is scary to think that no matter what we do we’re doomed to a fate that 's already written to happen. Of course everyone wants to know that they have a say in their past, future, and present. If there is no free will then we shouldn 't be held for the wrongs that we commit. It’s hard to imagine humans have no logical reasoning or self-control to make choices but free will can also be labeled freedom from causation. No one can determine your future events given your past history, there is always an uncertainty to your actions. We ourselves don’t even know what exact actions we are going to take in the future giving us some kind of free will. Having free will means that the future is open and can be changed depending on our actions. Our ability to observe things makes it hard to see our will as an illusion like determinist would say. Compatibilist are often refereed to as “soft determinist” because they favor free will more but accept some aspects of determinism. Though compatibilist ideas are very convincing because they’re was to debunk the theory but not really a legit debunk for free will. Free will always have a good argument to stand over all other
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