What Is The Difference Between Frankenstein And The Movie

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What do you think about the Frankenstein novel and movies? Frankenstein is a famous horror novel written by Mary Shelley. There are two versions of the book, the originally published in 1818 and then a revised version that was published in 1831. Mary Shelley depicts a man named Victor Frankenstein, who discover the secret of animating lifeless matter by a collection of dead body parts. He creates a creature, and he does not teach the creature anything. The creature is rejected by society. As the result of this is, the creature vows revenge on Victor Frankenstein. The novel shows that monster is intellect and speech. There are different film versions of the novel, but in many of them turns out the monster does not know how to speak. The…show more content…
It is really shocking to me that movie changes the original ending. Victor Frankenstein chases after the monster all the way to the Arctic, where he dies in the board. After Victor pass away, the captain sees the monster. Monster asks for Victor’s forgiveness first and then jump into the ice to kill himself. I think an amazing sense of tragedy would be both of main characters have similar fate being alone, which is the novel’s ending. However, Whale’s Frankenstein skips to a brand new ending. In the Whale’s movie, the monster throws the Victor off a windmill in front. This action means to me that the monster is energy and he does not want forgiveness. However, Victor is trying to run, and he fall down to the windmill building. And then he survives. People are fired windmill to burn the monster, and then the monster dies. I feel sympathy for the monster. The monster gets to burn while Victor who caused every damage and then Victor gets a happy life. The ending of the film will change people did not reading the novel to think that no matter what you done wrong you have a second chance to lives. The novel gives us a fair ending, both of them…show more content…
At first, the difference between film and novel are the monster lack of speak in the film, and the monster teaches itself how to read and write. Second, the difference between Elizabeth’s death. In the film Elizabeth does not kill a monster and she is really scared about the monster. In the novel, Elizabeth killed by the monster in Victor and her wedding night. The ending of the film is huge change than the novel. In the film, Elizabeth, and Victor, and monster all dies. Theses difference will make a change of how people think about the monster because the monster know where is wrong and the monster just want some love and accept by the social in the novel and he want Victor’s forgiveness. However, in the film, he does not want forgiveness and he only want revenge. Compare novel and film, the monster is depicted in different manners leading the role of monster to be different interpreted. In the novel, people feel more sympathy for the monster, because Victor never took care about the monster and monster just want someone being love not alone. However, Whale’s Frankenstein more like the monster born with an abnormal brain and then that is not all Victor’s

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