What Is The Difference Between Behaviorism And SLT With Respect To Fostering Socialization?

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Martha Gomez
HDF 378L
Comparing Behaviorism and SLT With Respect to Fostering Socialization
Socialization is a process by which one learns the behaviors and skills that are appropriate and useful in socially acceptable ways within a society. It develops when parents teach their children different values, attitudes and behaviors that are appropriate to a specific society. Socialization is important because it includes the different aspects and expected behaviors that help us function as a society. These aspects of socialization include gender role formation, prosocial behavior, self-regulation, and self-efficacy. There are different perspectives about how to socialize children in order for them to become good citizens in our society.
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SLT theorist Bandura argued that we learn through observing models, as opposed to behaviorist theorists, such as Pavlov and Skinner, who experimented on animals, then applied the same assumptions to human learning. Another difference between both theories is the way they use physical discipline to suppress inappropriate behavior. Behaviorists’ theory may argue that parents can train their children by rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior, however, this will only promote temporary compliance not a permanent change in the child’s behavior. In contrast, SLT theorists may argue that through modeling, physical punishment will enable the child to learn aggressive behavior. For example, if a parent spanks their child to modify some type of behavior, then that child will likely do the same to influence the behaviors of others. Another difference between behaviorism and SLT is that SLT places a greater emphasis in the learning from models. We learn from live, symbolic, and live models of many kinds. For example, a child observes her teacher perform a dance in order to learn it. Therefore, exposing children to positive role models can have a positive effect on the children. Finally, SLT can explain how parents need to closely monitor the TV shows their children are exposed to because of the observational learning that takes place. This can be explained with Bandura’s experiments of children’s observations and behavior on Bobo dolls. The children who viewed a negative and violent behavior about the dolls behaved with more
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