What Is The Conflict Theories, Conflict Theory And Leader As A Change Agent

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Every organization experiences change. The change may be positive or the change may be negative. Being an effective leader may bring about a positive change to an organization. In nurse leadership understanding change is imperative for job function. Change may be lost of employee, drop in organization patient census, or new implemented policy that may change patient care delivery. While there may be change developing within the organization, conflict may develop as well. In this assignment, I will describe some of the change theories, conflict theories, and leader as a change agent. I will also integrate how my ability to handle conflict can either enhance or hinder effective leadership in the health care environment.
The change theories
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The theory focuses on the development of the person’s self-worth. According to Kritsonis (2005), there are three factors that affect change are personal, behavioral, and environmental. Personal factors are described as whether the person has high or low self- value toward the performance (i.e. If the learner is to believe in his or her abilities to complete the task or behavior). The behavioral factors are described as the reaction an individual gets after they accomplish a behavior (i.e. positive feedback provides the learner a chance to experience a successful learning as a result of completing the task or behavior correctly). The environmental factors are described as characteristics of the setting or situation that effect the individual’s ability to successfully complete a behavior (i.e. making the environmental conditions conducive for improved self-efficacy by providing appropriate support and materials). If the person is confident in their abilities, negative influences of the environment will not negatively affect the behavior and the person may be successful. On the other hand, if someone is not confident in their abilities, the negative influences of the environment will affect that person behavior and they may not be successful in completing that task or job performance (Andersen & Chen,…show more content…
Conflict is normal and may even be a healthy part of relationship. I employ five ways in handling conflict either with interpersonal relationship or it my job. When there is a conflict or disagreement identified, I remember to manage my stress by staying calm, this allows for me to accurately interpret verbal and nonverbal communication, control my emotions so that I can communicate my needs, pay attention to the feelings that are being expressed from the other party, and to be aware of the respectful difference to avoid disrespecting others by using harmful words or gestures. This will enhance effective leadership in the health care environment, because with these skill, I can be a buffer between upper management and staff and also between staff and doctors. I would also teach these skills to my own staff, so that they can effectively learn how to manage their own conflicts or

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