What Is The Cause Of Wallace's Victory?

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288 words

During Wallace’s campaign he won many victories, but one of his most notorious was the battle of Stirling. Due to Wallace’s uprising, King Edward I ordered John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, to march north in September of 1297. Warenne had a huge force of heavy cavalry and was expecting a victory. Wallace camped his army just north of Stirling Bridge, on the Abbey Craig, because Stirling was the main entry point into northern Scotland. It was the perfect place to set a trap. Wallace managed his overwhelming victory due to two factors. Because the Stirling bridge was so narrow, only two horsemen could cross at a time. This meant it would take hours to get all of the troops across into Scotland. Due to this fact, Wallace set a trap. He waited

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  • Explains that wallace won many victories during his campaign, but one of his most notorious was the battle of stirling, which was a major point in the scottish fight for freedom.
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