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People have many different friends over their lifetime, some lasting a short period while other friendships last a lifetime. From kindergarten until my junior year of college, I had one constant best friend, who will be called Shane. Shane was a great friend growing up, even though he tended to get into some trouble at times. He was a smart, happy go lucky kid who was always making people laugh and feel comfortable. I always knew that no matter what, I could count on him. When we were in high school, he started to spend time with a different group of people who made choices I did not agree with or want to be around, but we still spent time together outside of those groups. We were always getting into arguments because he was behaving in ways that were not safe or legal and I…show more content…
Then senior year of high school rolled around, which is when our ambivalent feelings really came out. During senior year, we were enjoying spending our last year together, but he was still making bad choices. In February, I got a call from him one night saying he had been expelled from school for smoking illegal substances; I was devastated and angry. I did not understand how he could have let this happen or even act this way; a 4.0 student at a private high school gets kicked out second semester senior year and then had to get his GRE. He was one of those people who acted like he had learned his lesson, but still made the same mistakes over and over again. I kept believing that he was done with those mistakes and people, but then on Easter of the same year, I got a call from his parents that he was in the Emergency Room due to the fact he drove home drunk and crashed. He was in critical care for five days, during which they were not sure he was going to

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