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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin gives us one of the most in-depth accounts of life in the 18th century. Franklin gives specifics about his life and others, giving historians one of the most valuable looks into 18th century living and the American Dream. He provides us with his insight onto how anyone can make it in the New World, and reflects those beliefs in his own life. However, Franklin’s autobiography is not perfect. There are many faults the autobiography; sections of it were written years after each other, there is no clear connection between each section and the autobiography abruptly stops during the American Revolution, arguably one of the most notable events in Franklin’s life. The words in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin…show more content…
Franklin does a good job of describing to the reader what the “American Dream” was like in the 18th century. For Franklin, in order to make it in America, you had to work for it. He worked his way to his fortune and fame, immigrating to the New World from England to live his own life and not follow his father’s dreams for him. He became his brother’s apprentice, but soon quick and found a new opportunity back in England. He worked as a printer in England for 18 months before returning to the colonies. Franklin formed clubs, such as the Junto, and took over The Pennsylvania Gazette, one of the leading newspapers in the colonies. Later, he became involved in politics and began to work on…show more content…
Children are taught that he seemed to know how to do everything, he even “discovered” electricity. He’s described to be a writer, inventor, scientist and printmaker. Nothing bad is ever talked about, not even that his famous kite experiment was a lie he made up in his final years of life. Since children are taught at such a young age that Benjamin Franklin is one of the fathers of America, it makes sense that his autobiography is still being used today. Students already have some understanding of who Franklin is, making it easier for them to connect that time frame to the teachings in class. Of course, some professors may assign the book solely because it is one of the only autobiographic works from the 18th century. Some may even discuss how Franklin eludes many of his flaws in the autobiography and advise the students to not believe everything he

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