What Is The Arab Spring Protest?

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The Arab Spring revolution initiated in 2011, considered an extra ordinary wave of popular protest swept the Arab world in particular and Middle East in general. This massive protest contributed in causing many changes in the region, leaders in Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and Egypt were ousted that had been ruling for a long time, also it helped spark bloody struggle in Bahrain, and Syria, and finally reshaped the nature of politics in the region. It is worth mentioning that Internet-based social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Weblogs, and YouTube played a noticeable role in many of these protests, through facilitating and organization of protests and attracting international attention of the world, via spreading words, news, photos and videos.
The progressing Arab Spring unrests of 2011 have encouraged a sprouting dialog between political pundits, academics and journalists regard the role of social media and networking as a device for political protests towards administration change and pro-democracy movements. For instance, some political intellectuals, academics ...
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