What Is The American Teaching Style?

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I think Russell Baker not only figured out what he really wants to do in the future, but also he finds out that people are flexible. They will accept it when they find out something that they are interested even though they have hated it for a long time. In addition to finding something interested, doing something for yourself always makes you succeed. If you think you are doing this for others, you won’t do it well. That’s why I think the last part of the essay when Mr. Baker realizes the only way to make him succeed in Mr. Fleagle’s class is the most important lesson. There had been a huge change when I came to the United States. It was so important for me not only to change the circumstances, but also to convert me to the new way of thinking.…show more content…
I saw a huge difference between the Chinese teaching style and the American teaching style. When I was in my native country, the people who were around me used the Chinese traditional teaching style which called “teaching by holding his/her hand” to teach me, in other words, teaching by showing students step by step. This teaching style mainly focused on preventing students from getting into a wrong way. They made me believe that was the best way to learn something new before I realized that the American teaching style was better. In fact, the Chinese one actually helped me a lot. It not only saved me a lot of time when I learned something new, but also it made me feel confident. It was easy because I just followed other people by doing the same thing. It prevented me from experiencing and thinking deeply during the whole process. Also, it was hard for me to have my own…show more content…
At that semester, the art class was the only one class that we had the same. The art teacher wanted us to free draw something before the class. He thought the free drawing might help us warm up our brain and prepare. My brain got stuck when I saw the words “free drawing,” “free writing,” and “free reading.” I had no idea what the teacher wanted me to draw. Thus, I went to ask the teacher what he wanted me to draw. When I was standing up and walking through the classroom, I saw that everyone was drawing, and no one had any trouble. It made me feel awkward because I was the only one who had no idea about free drawing. Therefore, I asked my cousins how they figured out what they wanted to draw. They said something that I never expected, and their answers surprised me. At the beginning of our conversation, I thought they might get some hints from the teacher, so they knew what the teacher wanted us to draw. However, they said they had a lot of experience about freestyles because freestyles had been the distinguishing feature in the American teaching style. They believed that was the best way to develop children’s thoughts, and made sure them can think individually. Therefore, free drawing actually meant drawing something that you were interested instead of something that you thought the teacher wanted. This teaching style was different, and I thought it was more useful than the Chinese
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