What Is Team Chemistry Essay

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Team Chemistry is something that is often overlooked when thinking about the overall encompassing factors of a team’s cohesiveness. My opening thought is that without team chemistry there is no way that team can thrive and obtain the overall goal of winning championship.
In this essay, there will be a focus on the various aspects of team chemistry. There many areas that must be observed when discussing this subject. Firstly, there will be a detailed look at my personal definition of what team chemistry is to me. Secondly, an elaboration on the importance team chemistry is to me while I’m coaching. Thirdly, I will look at some of the systems and methods that are used to help the team flourish on an individual level and well as a team. The next
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“Team chemistry, or team cohesion, can be defined as a group dynamic that occurs when members of the team work together and make a united effort to accomplish the goals and objectives of the collective whole. A team’s ability to stick together can prevent the team from falling apart in times of great distress and turmoil, and can also be the "X factor" that propels a team to victory over an evenly matched opponent.” (BLOOM, 2004), my belief is that this definition is exactly right and with elaboration supported can be understood. From my point of view, team work is defined as one cohesive unit of various parts or people working towards the same overall goal with a winning effort. That was just a short definition of team chemistry from my point of view as a…show more content…
To score point every type of sport player must work together. My coaching concentration is basketball and I believe that player talent does not win championships, team work does. With this thought is mind, drawing up plays and everyone one knowing their proper assignment on defenses and offense is key to winning. When facing a team that has a higher talent level then yours I think that team work is the key overcoming the lack of talent.
In order to make sure that team chemistry thrives on your team and with each individual player, one must for think of was that help them succeed. One of the thing that can be done is basketball is to incorporate array of passing drilling to stress the natural of passing and teamwork when scoring points in games. One the philosophies that will be implemented on my basketball team is passing to score first, dribble to score second way of thinking. I think with this strategy on team chemistry success would be
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