What Is Sustainability And Sustainable Development?

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Sustainability and sustainable development could be considered as a state and process where the natural systems keep providing the beneficial resources in order to fulfill the human development goals especially for the current generations and lasting toward the future generations. The process must be maintained and balanced as envision to foster and well-guarded the economy and society respecting values, without compromising the noble virtue of the natural environment.
The paradigm of the long term goals of sustainable development as set by United Nations consisting with the four (4) pillars there are society, environment, culture and economy which are intertwined together in pursuing the improved quality of life.
How Environment
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Because of that, the strong relationship between human society and natural world must be always in stabilized in order to pursue the ecological balanced or ecological sustainability. The broaden term of human ecology in sustainable development includes the value of the environmental health where influencing the overall human health landscape. Fundamentally, human needs such as the availability of quality of air, water, food and shelter as basic needs, it also the ecological foundations for sustainable development.
Unethical conduct to environment may threaten individuals and communities livelihoods by put risky in the public health matters. Uncontrolled population growth, harsh economic activities and imbalanced consumption patterns may pressurize the environment and persistent exposure to those factors may contribute into the environmental degradations. However, investments in ecosystem services at all levels of world species may spark the powerful, constructive and transformative force for sustainable
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2. Principle 11. National Environmental Legislation
Countries shall enact effective environmental legislation and standards.
3. Principle 14. State Cooperation to Prevent Environmental Dumping
Countries must do whatever approaches in preventing harmful activities and substances that cause severe environmental degradation and negative impacts to human health.
4. Principle 15. Precautionary Principle
Countries must come out with the precautionary approaches and shall be widely applied by them to deal with serious threats that may cause the irreversible damage to the environment.
5. Principle 16. Internalization of Environmental Costs
National authorities must actively promote the internalization of environmental costs and the use of economic instruments without distorting international trade and investment.
6. Principle 17. Environmental Impact Assessments
All mega projects that could be significantly give the adverse impact to the environment must priory undergo the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and all decisions made by the competent national authority must put environmental protections as a main priority.
7. Principle 18. Notification of Natural
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