What Is Stricter Gun Control

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In America, guns are getting out of control and causing so many problems. What people usually say today is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. However, people are getting guns way too easy which gun control needs to be enforced. Gun control finally started to be a main concern for America; therefore stricter gun restrictions can help guns from actually be less of a problem. If gun control is stricter than before, maybe it will lower the deaths and violence that are caused by guns. In the United States, the government had put out plenty of laws for gun control, but it is not enforced. What the government should do is limit the making of guns especially handguns. According to Bai, “ In 1962 there were just 540,000 handguns for sale in the united states; 30 years later, the figure had reached 2.7 millions”(Bai 2). Just by those handguns being made, a vast majority of killings has come from a handgun (Harris 4). It’s plenty of guns out…show more content…
Only licensed gun dealers actually do background checks, but a private seller does not check (Christian Century). According to cooper, “At license dealerships, it is illegal to sell a gun to an out-of-state resident or to a resident act as a “straw purchase” to obtain a gun for someone” (Cooper 3). Most guns that are used to kill mostly buy from gun shops from other states. The guns shops who sell guns should have stricter ways of examine people’ background and also should have a waiting period when a gun be purchased. Every Gun dealership should have strict background checks because it would be safer to prevent a gun being in the wrong hands instead just checking for a criminal record, drug addicts, and etc. The main concern America should try to fix is the loophole for private sales of guns because it could lower the rates of violence rising with guns (Christian Century). If private sale start to get shut down, the rate of deaths and violence rates will
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