What Is Stakeholder Difference In Conflict Resolution

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In all projects, there are stakeholders which can be described as either person, organization or a group that have some form of interest in a project. Stakeholders have influence in every aspect of the project and influence more often end up in some form of conflict. Conflicts can derail a project, increase cost or even shut down a project and to avoid the situation as such, it is imperative to understand the importance of stakeholder’s difference in conflicts resolutions. This paper will discuss how understanding cultural value, beliefs, and norms of communication aids in conflict resolution between stakeholders.

Cultural value Stakeholder comes different cultures with different values from each other and without understanding
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While collective culture is one in which interdependency is promoted and much emphasis is on social obligations ((Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2010, p 326). Knowing if a stakeholder is from an individualist or collective culture during the preparation stage leading up to negotiation of conflict resolution will be valuable information. This information for a negotiator will give him or her specific ideas or what negotiation strategies to use. Cultural values are the foundation towards understanding stakeholders difference in conflict resolutions and it is also within those values that beliefs are…show more content…
Understanding stakeholder’s norm gives them ability to have those necessary communications between stakeholders from different cultures. The norm in some stakeholder culture dictates how they communicate and understand this gives an insight into how the other stakeholder will communicate in a conflict situation. Communication norms between stakeholders can be direct or indirect in a conflict situation. A stakeholder that comes from a culture whose norm in communication is direct prefers to have explicitly communications. While a stakeholder that comes from in direct communication culture have words that are the same word but will different meaning to other stakeholders. Communication for stakeholders in negotiation goes beyond understanding when yes means no. If negotiators are going to reach integrative agreements, they need to share information about interests and priorities (Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2010, p 330). Regardless of the stakeholder’s position direct and indirect communication will be used to deal conflicts when they
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