What Is Southwest Airlines Mission Statement

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According to Smith (2004), there are several organizations in the United States that tend to implement what is described a formalized quality management program. However, most of these organizations implementing quality management programs tend to fail. This is because these quality management programs were considered as programs of the month, and eventually faded away. Instead, Smith (2004) recommended that when an organization decides to implement a particular quality program, it usually requires what is described as a cultural change in the way its day –to-day activities are performed. Thus, the notion of doing it right on the first time should be incorporated into the particular organization’s day-to day activities or culture. In addition, top management…show more content…
In addition, this mission statement is usually followed in the day-to-day activities of all its employees (Smith, 2004). According to Smith (2004), Southwest Airlines’ mission statement appears to have implications for its employees, and customers. For instance, Southwest Airlines appears to be committed to provide the highest quality of customer service to its customers. It also appears to be committed to provide each employee with what is described as stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and growth. In essence, one might argue that Southwest Airlines believes in the creativity and innovation within its employees in order to improve its effectiveness such as being a low cost carrier (Smith, 2004). According to Chen and Huang (2009), an innovative initiative such as quality management tends to be depended on the knowledge, expertise, and commitment among employees within a particular organization. As a result, there are certain HRM practices based on its culture that appear to encourage knowledge sharing within the Southwest Airlines such as performance appraisal and

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