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Social Media Effect
Social media already often or almost daily used by many people. Social media is place for people to communication or socialize. In the era of globalization is now a lot of emerging social media. Not only adults who use social media, even school students and children who are not old enough also already familiar with social media is now growing. Starting from Friendster, then Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Foursquare, Line, What's App, Path, Instagram, Snapchat, youtube and many more.
Many impacts can be generated from the use of social media. Now, we can discuss pro and contra about social media give negative effect for its user. Pro which support that socia media has a negative impact for the user. Contra which does not support
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With the ability to deliver information owned by the internet, pornography was rampant. Sometimes someone post a photo that should be his own privacy in social media, this is very dangerous because it could be a photo that only in postnya in social media misused by irresponsible parties.
Social media can also make us more emotional. Because we’d rather it is easy to get the bad news that can make our hearts be pissed off. This could be the impact that this is bad for us. In social media sites will make a person more self-interested. They become unaware of their surroundings, as most spend time on the internet. surely you never walk with your friends but your friends are more concerned with they social media.
Social media can make us forget the forgotten formal language. Because social media users more often use informal language in their daily lives, so their formal language rules become forgotten and can reduce performance, company employees, students, students who play social media while doing their work will reduce their working time and study
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Social media is not always give the negative impact. We all must be very helpfull with the social media. Because with the social media, we would be easy to communication with each other. social media is actually a medium of information dissemination. Up to date information is very easy to spread through social networking sites. In just a few minutes after the incident, we have been able to enjoy the information. One of them expand the network of friends. By using social networking, we can communicate with anyone, even with people we do not know even from around the world.
The second is in social media we can get a job. There are have some web job that can help us to get a job that we want to. We are also have easy to incorporate job application to the web. In social media we can earn some money. Yes, we can get easily way to sell some product in social media. In social media also provides some online store like tokopedia, lazada, shope,, buka lapak, kaskus, carousell, and many more.
The conclusion of social media effect is use the social media in the best possible. Avoid the negative impact of social media. Don’t be addicted to use social media. Because social media just only help us to communication eith each other, not being place to bully your friends. If the user uses for good things then he will get a positive impact from social media. But if the user uses social media for things that tend not to be good, then the negative impact will
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