What Is Sigmund Bandura And My Personality

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Freud, Bandura and My Personality While traveling through the daily path of life, have you ever wondered why you react to situations in a way that is opposite of what you thought your personality type was? I grew up in a house where favoritism, verbal abuse, and molestation was an everyday occurrence since the age of eight years old. Now, I see my health has been deteriorating and I find myself living with diagnosis such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Diabetes caused by all the steroids taken to counter act the MS exacerbations. Studying the different psychologists throughout this term has shown me where my personality came from as a child and as an adult what has changed about my personality and what type of personality I have now. Sigmund Freud and Albert…show more content…
Sigmund Freud provides a concept of how a person’s personality is structured and to have a healthy personality requires a balance in the interaction between the id, ego, and superego. Bandura’s theory of observational learning plays a vital role in the persons conditioning process. By understanding the basis of observational learning that includes modeling, disinhibition, and trolling, one can recognize the different types of reinforcements that contribute to how one learns and then behaves in situations throughout their life. The experience and knowledge of self-discovery comes gradually without an instantaneous impact. Although, moments of true realization can give one a release from past insecurities, doubt, and shame just to name a few. Such realizations can change how one views or feels about their past, which includes their choices, successes, failures, and the different relationships they have had from birth to the present. In conclusion, one should invest in getting to know their own personality to educate themselves and receive the benefits of a healthy state of mental
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