What Is Servant Leadership?

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Due to my past experiences, my personal philosophy of leadership is grounded in servant leadership. Servant leadership values all members of the community and includes them in solving problems and promoting the goals of the organization (Sergiovanni, 2013). Over my six-year career in education, I have met some incredibly competent educators. I learned new skills when I had a chance to speak to or observe an educator who brought new and innovative ideas to the classroom. These experiences were rewarding and humbling. Through these experiences, I realized how valuable it is to always surround myself with others who can compensate for my shortcomings or inspire me to try something different. I believe that leaders must create alliances in education and understand that they need to learn with and from…show more content…
However, for several decades, educational literature and academic theorists have advocated for giving teachers a significant role in curricular design (Handler). Ornstein and Hunkins (2004) argued that the lack of teacher involvement is a critical flaw in the development of curricula and has restricted the growth of the field. Today’s curriculum research suggests that teachers should play a dominant role in curriculum development, implementation, and assessment (Ornstein & Hunkins, 2004). Although the roles of the teacher and curriculum leader are complementary, the functions and related skills are quite different (Handler, 2010). Typically, a teacher’s role is reduced to presenting the curriculum to the learners, whereas curriculum leaders must be aware of the philosophies, prejudices, and political plans that impact what is taught, the methods taught, and who delivers these methods in all classrooms across America (Apple, 2004; Ornstein & Hunkins,
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