What Is School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

School uniforms as they are used today violate the core principles of our constitution. The first amendment guarantees the right to freedom of expression. “Among the basic rights is the right to hold and to have the exclusive use of personal property. One ground of this right is to allow a sufficient material basis for personal independence and a sense of self-respect, both of which are essential for the adequate development and exercise of the moral powers. Having this right and being able effectively to exercise it is one of the social bases of self-respect” (Rawls, 2001, p.114). School uniforms limit the exclusive use of one’s personal property therefore, limiting their sense of self-respect.
When students do not
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It is important to protect children at all costs. It is necessary to shield children from the potential limitations of their socioeconomic status and safeguard them against violence. Nonetheless, the way school uniforms are implemented today maintains the circumstances supporters were trying to suppress. There is a way in which we can protect the interests of all students, regardless of their affiliation, religion, race, or socioeconomic status.
I propose that students are given access to a variety of apparel that has their school logo on it. This can be anything from hoodies, sweat pants, t-shirts, khakis, or polo’s. Providing students with a variety of clothing options that has their school logo on it presents a unique opportunity. If students choose to wear clothing with a school logo, it can be rooted in school pride since there are so many options available rather than a punitive and strict measure. Creating a culture of wearing school logos is a much healthier way to combat the fear of being categorized as low-income, especially since there would be several iterations of school apparel. Moreover, students that struggle financially can still wear clothing that is uniform without being penalized for the way in which it is worn or being judged for wearing it at all. If there are multiple ways to show school pride via your clothing it is significantly more difficult to pinpoint differences among socioeconomic
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