What Is Rudy Huxtable: What Is Physical, Cognitive, And Socio-Emotional Development?

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Rudy Huxtable is the youngest child of Cliff and Clair Huxtable in the comedic, family-oriented series The Cosby Show. Rudy has four other siblings named Denise, Theo, and Vanessa who have different personalities. The mass audience of the show watched Rudy develop from a small child without a care in the world into a teenager who was in the middle of discovering who she was as a person. Rudy Huxtable is a perfect candidate in describing physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development because it is witnessed throughout the show. Some components of each areas of development would be puberty and motor skills, Piagetian stages of development and intelligence, and attachment and personality development. During the duration of the series, Rudy grows from a small child to a child who is in their late childhood. You see many physical changes throughout the show, one of which is her motor skills. Motor skills involve some…show more content…
However, the best way to define it is the ability to solve problems and adapt and learn from experiences. Many experts, such as Howard Gardener, believe there are different forms of intelligence. Genetics and environmental aspects influences a person’s intelligence collectively. In childhood and adolescence, intelligence changes often and is mostly experience. When Rudy’s portrays what she knows, it is because of what her parents had influenced her to believe. Such as when she argues with her friend Kenny about how men are not superior and says clever comebacks to disprove every point he makes. She knows what to say because of how her parents raised her, proving there are environmental influences. Rudy also attended school so that she can follow the path of her two parents attending a university. Previously discussed was the areas of physical and cognitive development as well as their components. Lastly, a significant area of development is socio-emotional
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