What Is Robotic Surgery?

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Throughout this research there were so many unique aspects that make robotic surgery different. At first I did not choose this topic from the beginning. I was going to choose mechanical engineering but when I got back the research proposal. The topic was very broad and then I decided to choose a topic that I can relate too and that is still part of mechanical engineering. And that came to be why I personally wanted to research about this topic of robotic surgery since my Uncle had surgery done by the Da Vinci. I wanted to find out how the operation was perform when it was done by the Da Vinci and I want to find out why people are choosing robotic surgery something that has not been out that long over the traditional surgery. The Da Vinci is really changing the way surgery is being used today. There are just to many technological evolvement now in this world that were seeing improvements in every aspect of the fields such as engineering and many more that have yet to be named. Robotic surgery can sometimes be accident prone in parts of what they do. There can be times when they accid...

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