What Is Road Safety Essay

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Austin Ruiz Mrs. Taylor Advanced Composition 28 August 2017 Road Safety There are many roads across the world. Based on where a person is in the world, safety varies with the place. Road safety varies throughout the world because of how crowded a place is. If a road is in a very populated area, the more crowded and unsafe the roads are. There are many different types of roads and many different population numbers around the world unsafe, moderately safe, and extremely safe are three tiers that can categorize a place’s safety on the road. Unsafe roads may have multiple ways of becoming unsafe. Traffic can be a breeze in some places and in other places, start and stop traffic can become a problem in other areas. Start and stop traffic is very dangerous for inexperienced drivers because they can…show more content…
By having every stoplight work, it will signal drivers to have the most safe was to drive and avoid damage to a car. If a stop light went out, for example during a natural disaster like a hurricane, wrecks could come to an all time high, but as long as they work, the better life on the road will be. Perfect road conditions may help the drivers have a smooth, clean riding experience free of worry. Having very minimal traffic relates to this topic by having the stress lifted off the driver’s chest so that the horror of changing lanes is as safe as it will ever be. In conclusion, making every road in the world safe is not possible because humans will never be perfect. Being perfectly safe on the road will not happen unless everyone is sleeping besides one person. Of course that will never happen, so, driving is always going to be a risk taken by the driver. Unsafe, moderately safe, and safe are just three categories that each road in the world can be assigned. Equipment and humans can become safety hazards at times, but others, they could be life
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