What Is Recycling, Recycling And Recycling

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Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing Paper
Tyree Jones
Argosy University June 23,2016
Mrs. Crystall Gomillion

This paper is about the recycling, reducing, and reusing of the waste material. Recycling is simply taking something that has been used and processing it into new products or simply using them at their current state. The main purpose of recycling is to save on resources and money as well. For instance, paper can be recycled into tissue paper or Manila paper and the same can save more cutting of trees in the environment. Some of the things that can be reused include used alcoholic and soda bottles, sawdust, and animal waste. In this paper, discussions have been divided into three parts in which I am going to report and analyze the recycling that was
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This was a good step because all the collection would be regarded a waste in the dumpsite suppose it found its way there. Preventing garbage from going into a landfill and putting it into proper use is the most ideal thing that a community can ever do. This is because apart from saving on resources, recycling ensures that pollution is minimized through minimal dumping. In my community, North Carolina, the entire population adds up to 9,535,483 people. This means that if everyone in my community embarks on recycling trash, a lot of garbage would be reused and this will prevent further pollution of the environment. In estimation, about 30 sacks of garbage were recycled in the one week that I undertook the exercise. This means that if everyone joins hands in reusing garbage in my community, the recycled garbage would translate to 30* 9,535,483= 286064490 sacks of garbage in a week. If we look at the amount of trash that my community could save in a year; 286064490*52= 1.48753534E10 sacks (Gibbons

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