What Is Reading Reflection Essay

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Over the course of this semester my abilities as a writer have immensely improved as I practice writing more essays. When I began this class my skills were sub-par and basic when it came to style or focus. Grammar was also a large problem that I faced when typing these essays, but now these aspects have become less challenging from practice and feedback. Considering the goal of education is to have student learn and improve, I should receive a score of fifteen out of sixteen reflecting my work and advancement of writing from the beginning of the year. Over the course of the year my use of topic focus and critical thinking has improved greatly. In the beginning of the year on my “Reading Reaction Essay” my thesis was unclear and basic: “For…show more content…
Even though supporting evidence for the topic sentence was one my strong suits, there has still been improvement in my essays. Within my “First Day Essay” I claimed, “Reading has changed my life from the time I was born…” (1), and used evidence to support this statement. Unfortunately there was also text within the same paragraph that did not support the claim: “Through reading my writing abilities have also greatly improved” (1). This sentence almost is its own claim and should start a separate paragraph since it does not follow along with how reading changed my life. When writing my “Synthesis Essay” there was only evidence that pertained to the topic sentence. They explained the claim and did not stray from the topic of the paragraph. When discussing how animals are tested the only information in the paragraph were types of tests and procedures that animals endured. Not only does this keep the paragraphed focused, but the details support the topic logically. Within these body paragraphs the transition of information is from topic to evidence to analysis, which prevents confusion of where to put ideas or quotes. While using evidence to support the topic was something I focused on, I now use evidence more effectively and efficiently and should receive a score of three and seven tenths out of four
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