What Is Reading Comprehension

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The purpose of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive review of literature on reading comprehension, more specifically understanding literature genres, and literature circles. The intent is so show research that supports the argument that literature circles impact reading comprehension. A well known definition of comprehension states that comprehension is a process a reader takes to construct meaning of a text through prior knowledge, past experiences, direct information from the text, and the attitude the reader has toward the text (Pardo, L.S., 2004). Students reading abilities is a wide range and students read at different reading levels; therefore, students need strategies to help improve reading comprehension (Taylor, 2010). Implied by Burns (1998), students who engage in literature circles are able to verbalize, listen to…show more content…
Duke (2008/2009) explains two forms of graphic summaries. One, visual representation which connects with an old saying of "pictures are worth a thousand words", and in regards to comprehending this visual display helps the reader organize information into a visual form to remember the information presented in a text. Another form of a graphic summary is a semantic map. A semantic map allows the reader to represent information from a text into a web format. By actively transforming information from memory into a semantic map helps improve comprehension (Duke, 2008/2009). Three-step freeze frames. A strategy of visualizing what a text is communicating helps the reader comprehend the text. A visualizing strategy described by Mills (2009) is Three-Step Freeze Frames. This strategy is performed during and after reading to enhance reading comprehension. The students work in groups to develop three action shots of what they read and then transmit it into dramatic movement without using words (Mills, 2009). Students are enriching their comprehensions skills through actively creating a series of events and
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