What Is Reading And Comprehension?

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John Steinbeck once said that, "Learning to read is probably the most difficult and revolutionary thing that happens to the human brain"("John Steinbeck", n.d.). Developmental brain stages that begin as early as birth have been linked to literary achievement. By being exposed to language and stimulus, infants begin to establish essential cognitive and language skills. These beginning skills are built upon so that initially, spoken language is acquired and eventually, written language can be understood(Hopkins, Green, Brookes, 2013). Sounds become words, words begin to have meaning and with meaning, words form sentences. In time, the act of true reading and comprehension are learned. When fundamental skills are not intact though, reading…show more content…
This level 's main goal is for students to acquire fluent decoding and encoding skills by teaching to automaticity. It uses a unique "sound tapping" system which has the learner tap sounds to the thumb using the fingers to "record" each sound in the word. Various other exercises such as the manipulation of color coded sounds, magnetic letters to reinforce graphemes and word knowledge, syllable and word cards, reading aloud and repetitive reading are used. Multi-syllable words are presented through the six rules of syllabication. A few for example are the open syllable, the closed syllable and the "r" controlled syllable. Students are exposed to skills repetitively in different ways and move along through a series of learning from sounds to syllables, words to sentences, and paragraphs to stories("Wilson Reading", n.d.). Words, sentences and reading stories are "controlled" and skills are taught within the context of these text and passages. Questions and error correction are also used to reinforce learning. Wilson Reading is a cumulative program that can be used as students progress through grade levels and can also aid learners up to a high school to adult level("Wilson Reading",

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